Demo: Solutions for Latvian Automatic Speech Recognition

The 7th Conference

Human Language Technologies - the Baltic Perspective

Riga, Latvia
October 6-7, 2016

This demo shows how automatic speech recognition technologies can be integrated in applications. Demo is divided in three parts:

  • File transcription service in “Tildes Birojs” – this allows user to upload an audio file and then listen to it while reading corresponding transcript. Audio and text are synchronized.
  • Dictation service in “Tildes Birojs” – speech transcription “on the fly”, i.e., as user speaks, text is written simultaneously.
  • Transcription editing environment in MS Word – a standalone MS Word document that has an audio file embedded in it and contains a text obtained from automatic speech recognizer. Text and audio are synchronized, i.e., as user listens to audio, a corresponding word is coloured, so it is easy to catch mistakes and quickly correct them.