FREME: Services for Multilingual Enrichment of Digital Content

The 7th Conference

Human Language Technologies - the Baltic Perspective

Riga, Latvia
October 6-7, 2016

FREME Project Demo

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FREME projectLinked Data (LD) and Language Technologies (LT) gained great attention in the last decade. Solutions such as machine translation, terminology extraction and entity recognition already achieved certain maturity level for exploitment in different business scenarios. In spite of the increased popularity there are several problems with the current solutions that are starting to surface; integration cost is normally high due to lack of interoperable solutions, a lack of support for various content formats, lack of adaptability to real-world scenarios and last but not least, localization of the current solutions is not well understood or met. FREME addresses these challenges and provides framework for multilingual and semantic enrichment of digital content. The FREME framework comprises a set of e-services designed from the perspective of real world business needs and validated into four business cases.

In this demo  we can guide you thourgh the framework and e-services design and architecture, and provide the basis for semantic and multilingual processing of digital content with real-world scenarios. In particular, the tutorial will tackle the following questions:

  • What is FREME and what are the key advantages of using FREME?
  • What is NIF, how NIF plays an important role in FREME, and what are the latest developments in NIF 2.1?
  • How to consume each FREME e-service and process digital content?
  • How to adapt FREME to your specific business scenario?
  • How to contribute to FREME?

We will answer these questions in a practical way, by means of examples and hands-on exercises.

It is welcome, but not requirement for the attendees to be familiar with the basic notions of RDF. No previous experience on Linked Data is required and no prior knowledge on NLP techniques or computational linguistics is required.

Tilde provides the enrichment of data with e-Terminology and e-Translation. We will show usage cases and introduce potential benefits of these e-Services as well as inform about technical details of using both e-services. As translations can benefit from terminology, we can demonstrate how to improve the e-Translation result with e-Terminology service.